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Valentina's GIFTS:

Every Psychic is different and have different gifts and capabilities, no two are alike. So here are V's ...

PSYCHIC: Can connect and read the living: People. Animals. Plants. 

MEDIUM: Firstly, not all Psychic are mediums. It is a rare and difficult gift, that requires great focus and concentration. There are 4 types of mediums. It means she can connect with loved ones who have passed.

Valentina is all four:

Mental: Meaning she can see images and thoughts of those on the Other side.
Spiritual: Meaning she can connect to the spirit realm via herself, and her guides.

Emotional: Meaning she can sometimes feel the emotions of those on the Other side.

Physical: Meaning she can sometimes physically feel illnesses, ailments, touches of those on the Other side.

CHANNELING: Meaning sometimes she will allow the spirit to move through her energetically and use her body for a closer connection. 

AUTOMATIC WRITING: Meaning the spirit will literally just grab her pen and write through her. 

CLAIRVOYANT: (sight) The ability to SEE images of the unseen.

CLAIRAUDIENT: (hearing) The ability to HEAR the spirits, be it out loud or in her head.

CLAIRSENTIENT: (feeling) The ability to FEEL and sense things.

CLAIRALIENT: (smell) The ability to SMELL scents that the spirits sometimes show her of their life.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: (knowing) The ability to just KNOW things.

REMOTE VIEWER: The ability to mentally travel to places and see things in detail. Sometimes she uses this to find missing persons or used in murder cases.

TELEKINETIC: The rarest of all the the world. The ability to affect physical matter with your MIND. Valentina discovered this gift by accident when one day in 2011 she caused loaves of bread to go flying off the shelves in a grocery store! She has yet to figure out what causes it as it randomly happens and she cannot control it. To date it has happened 7 times.

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