About Valentina

The woman with the gift

VALENTINA Marie Lomborg was born in “the world’s happiest country” of Denmark to parents who were doctors.  She went on to be educated in the beautiful alps of Switzerland for elementary school and later moved to the most northern point in Alaska living among Eskimos and finishing out her school years.


Her first encounter of the paranormal was after having a poltergeist visit her when living in above the Arctic Circle when she was twelve.  That began her fascination with ghosts, something generally most kids avoid!


After high school, at age nineteen, she moved to California on her own.

In her early twenties, a freak accident from a fall caused a Traumatic Brain Injury that left her nearly comatose and close to dying.

That was the beginning of when she discovered her unique psychic gifts.  Although she continued a successful modeling career in Hollywood, she knew she had a special talent, and started the discovery of her psychic and medium abilities.


After a few years later, in yet another freak accident, Valentina went through an unexpected freak electrocution experience.  Valentina’s gifts once again were jolted, this time literally! This caused the sensitivity in her abilities to further heighten, to where she decided to help those in need and started utilizing her gifts full time, and continued making a new life of service.


It wasn’t until February of 2015 however, when Valentina’s world suddenly came crashing down when she lost both of her parents within 14 days of each other! Her mother was her whole world and they were inseparable. That started the obsession with wanting to communicate with her mother on the Other Side.  With success, she was able to contact her mother and father and decided to offer this as well to grieving survivors. 


With close to a thousand clients in two years, Psychic Medium Valentina has used her abilities ranging from contacting loved ones that have passed away from the physical realm, to guiding teens and the living with every day decisions to even helped law enforcement and families cases to help find lost loved ones and solve unsolved mysteries.


After living in Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and all over California, Valentina now resides in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. She continues to be featured on several T.V. and radio shows both nationally and internationally, and is a regular writer for UK’s Haunted Magazine.


Valentina’s work of healing continues, as she finishes her upcoming books and and new projects of speaking engagements and classes. 

With all this going on it is no wonder she has become sought after by celebrities, athletes, and high profile people all over the world.


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