"Already seeing some things happen as you said they would!"
"I pray that warmth floods your heart knowing how many people you've helped. you are loved and cherished for being so tender hearted and giving!!! Know that you are a true blessing and a true treasure to the world."

"Just wanted you to know you were correct about my daughter's baby-she is definitely having a BOY!" ~Jacqueline

"Thank you again for the reading. I feel good. I have focus again!" Rachel

My friend was amazed by your ability and how accurately his mom came through! ~Tina 

" My father is having surgery, just as you predicted."
"Thank you again Valentina, I appreciate all your help and advice. I hope to see each other again one day." Rene T.

"My son has cut down drinking alcohol. He is a different person now. Thank You so much!"

"It has been a big relief to be able to connect to my husband. you are a gift. Thank you so much and I love you."
~ Darla

"Thank you so much for the reading it was wonderful. I wish I had more people like you in my life, you are one of the nicest people I have ever met."

" It was SO good to meet you. Outside of what you did for me today, you have a beautiful vibe. I am so grateful I was brought o you for this experience."
~ Christina M.

You have helped me in the past and you are the only one I trust. ~Karen S

" You rock, thank you so much!"

"I PASSED the test just like you said I would!"
~Jill (Nursing school)

"I've had the best night with my daughter probably in 6 years because of your insight on her. Thank you so much!!!" 
~Mindy R.

"Tears...not because it is sad, but because it is true! You are truly gifted - in many ways. Thank you for your time and sharing your gift!" ~ Suuz M

"Yesterday was a life changing experience. I'm so thankful that I was led to you. What you do is very meaningful. May God bless you."


"Love you Valentina, and your beautiful gift!" ~ Maria M

"Thank you Valentina! You are an amazing spiritual and kind woman" ~Ani

"You were accurate about the confusion going on"

~John W.

"Wow, I was a skeptic, but you've made a believe out of me! Incredible!"

"Your reading brought so much peace to me. I am so very glad we met"
"WOW!!! You are good. Thank you so much for being you. You are such a wonderful and special person." ~ Charles R

"Still in shock. Called my aunt and family right away [after the reading]. You gave us the closure we needed."


"I got major goosebumps. No joking, my dear, this is not something that can be fabricated. You are truly gifted and I thank you for sharing this gift with me." ~Sandie W

"You did my friends reading twice and it was all true." Amori

Hola, sorry to intrude on your zen. 1) I feel amazing and 2) Meeting you and speaking with you hass been one of the greatest things to happen in my life" ~Jonathan

"I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing experience today! I felt comfortable the minute I walked in and was just overwhelmed with your talent. 
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you! "
Linda N.

"Just wanted to let you know my job let me go just like you predicted."

"Thank you so much for coming last nigh the girls had a phenomenal time!"
Kristi-Psychic Party

I had a reading with you on 6/7/8. Everything you said in my reading came out exactly how you saw it. I only wish I truly listened and took your recommendations. ~Deidre

" I will and can now because you've gotten me back on my track!"


"Thank you Valentina! It was wonderful meeting you and a healing experience for me. it meant a lot! ~Traci

"When can I come back?" ~Josh

"Wow, thank you again. I didn't realize how much more settled and focused and overall just good I feel until now. I really needed that!" ~ Jazmyne

"We decided to take your advice and change the environment in our house. We even bought some candles and incense. It feels better already. Thank you so much. Can't wait to come back.
love you!"


"Seeing you will be the highlight of our trip" ~client who regularly flies in to see me

"The things Valentina said were mind blowing! She truly has an unbelievable gift. She is a such a warm, beautiful should who truly cares about her clients. I am beyond grateful I found her!" ~Anne 

"Thank you so much. I have been following your advice and I feel like I am coming back to life." 

~Sarah B

"You made me feel so balanced and at peace." ~Sharon

"I did what you told me to this weekend and everything went well! Thank you for saving our relationship! ~ Bianca

"Thank you Valentina. We really enjoyed the session. You're a very special person." ~Group Crossed Over session

"I've been to other mediums. You're the only one that has been able to connect with my Grandmother!" ~Tabitha

"I feel as if I found you when I needed you the most!" ~Julia

"By the way at my reading you said I would meet someone in March and I did! I am excited to see where it goes!" ~Phuong 

"My mother is mad at me for going to you without her!"

~ Chloe

"Valentina. Thank you for taking the time an compassion and love you showed us today. You are appreciated!" ~ Joyce

" Valentina. I got the position you said I would! ~ Shae

"I stopped my bad habits after I saw you and quit feeling sorry for myself. Thank you so much!

~ Scott G.

" I have to say this is the best reading I have ever had. Valentina was so on point with my reading and relationship I am still amazed today. No guessing games. Only the truth. She is truly gifted and blessed. ~Claudia

" I know my face didn't show my emotions but that was I truly felt my cousin and got the closure I very much needed! You are truly blessed!"
Carla M.

"I feel lighter after meeting you, thank you for your guidance. ~Sonia

" I wanted to say thank you again. I walked away feeling so much better after everything was said and done."