Valentina is a regular guest writer for UK's Haunted digital magazine.

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Working with the best


Good friend David Schrader from Travel Channel's "The Holzer Files" and Podcast Darkness Radio

James Van Praag

Meeting world famous Psychic and author JAMES VAN PRAAG

Minister and good friend Bill Bean

I work closely with Deliverance minister BILL BEAN on the most haunted and dark cases. Bill has been seen on Discovery Channel's "A HAUNTING"

Christopher Fleming

On the Queen Mary in 2010 with close friend and fellow paranormal investigator, Christopher Fleming. A co-host on the TV show "Dead Famous" he has also made guest appearances on "Ghost Hunters", "Psychic Kids", "Ghost Adventures", and more!

Zak Bagans

Queen Mary 2010, investigating with ZAK BAGANS from Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures".

Billy Tolley

November 2012. Making faces with good friend, BILLY TOLLEY from "Ghost Adventures" at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

Aaron Goodwin

Another photo from the Stanley Hotel in 2012. Goofing off with AARON GOODWIN from "Ghost Adventures".

Christopher Fleming

Day two, investigating with Christopher Fleming on the Queen Mary.

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