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Valentina is a qualified Life Coach with decades of experience on many levels:

*Born and raised in Europe

*Accomplished top model for over 40 years including MTV, VH-1, multiple tv shows, movies, and magazine covers.

*Singer/Songwriter and Musician since the age of 14 recording several albums with various bands.

*Creative Director of 2 L.A. fashion magazines

*Professional photographer for 3 decades

*Published author

*Listed in "Who's Who of American High Schools"
*Listed in a book featuring the most successful Europeans in America

*Certified Advanced and Deep Water SCUBA Diver

*Certified as a Spinning Instructor

*Certified Bartender

*Vegetarian: 39 years

*Seasoned traveler and has visited and resided in many states, countries and islands.

*Battled Anorexia from the age of 16-27

*Is a parent

*Cheerleader and choreographer (high school)

*Dealt with being homeless

*Overcame being bullied all through school years 


*Owner of several businesses since age 14

*Artist: has sold over 400 of her paintings worldwide

*Gifted with Psychic and Medium gifts for 30 years

*Worked with and around celebrities since 1992

*High School Orchestra: Clarinet for 6 years

*Granddaughter of world famous solo trombonist Orla Lomborg

*Detailed knowledge of Forensics and crime studies

*Interior Decorator 

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