Q: Can I bring a friend? 

A: As the energy could affect the reading, I prefer that only the person being read be present first. 

Q: What if you cannot read me?
A: Every now and then someone comes to me who cannot be read due to blockage, being skeptic, or they have a wall up. It's no one's fault really, we just didn't connect. The reading will be stopped and you will be given several options.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I know, I speak funny! I am from Denmark, raised in Switzerland and Alaska.

Q: Why do you need a photo of me?
A: Because I am able to read photos, and I like to start connecting with you and working for you long before I see you.

Q: How long have you had your gifts or known you were Psychic?
A: Currently for 29 years. They occurred shortly after I had a Traumatic Brain Injury that I almost died from. After that I could feel and sense everything around me. We are all psychic, it is just a question of whether you want to live a normal life (I highly suggest that choice!) or want to dedicate your life to being a 24 hour conduit for the dead and the living. It's not for everyone!

Q: Can we be friends on Social Media?
A: Due to all my information about you coming from Source (aka The Universe and my guides), I don't want anything to influence my readings of you. You are welcome to LIKE my FaceBook page if you want. However, I do not look on people's pages, Google you, look up your phone number or know anything about you when you come, only your first name. I hope you understand.

Q: How soon can I come back for a reading?
A: That depends on you. I suggest you wait for some new things to happen in your life before you come back.

Q: Do I need to prep before the reading?

A: Just be relaxed and open. Please do not come under the influence of alcohol or drugs as that will affect the outcome of your reading.

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