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Q: Can I bring a friend? 

A: As the energy could affect the reading, I prefer that only the person being read be present first. Your friend however, may wait in the car. That goes also for more than one person coming for readings.

Q: What if you cannot read me?
A: Every now and then someone comes to me who cannot be read possibly due to blockage, being skeptic, or they have a wall up. It's no one's fault really, we just didn't connect. The reading will be stopped and you will be given several options.

In the case of a MEDIUMSHIP reading (Crossed Over); if there is no connection established the session may be cancelled by either the sitter or Valentina provided it is within 10-15 minutes and you will be then be refunded. 

Please understand this happens occasionally for reasons that either a connection couldn't be made, the sitter wasn't ready or sometimes a loved one felt they already left saying everything they wanted to.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I know, I sound funny! I am from Denmark, raised in Switzerland and Alaska.

Q: Why do you need a photo of me?
A: Because I am able to read and connect with photos, I prefer to start connecting with you before I see you. Your photo is safe and is only used for myself.

Q: How long have you had your gifts or known you were Psychic?
A: Currently for 30 years. They occurred shortly after I had a Traumatic Brain Injury that I almost died from. After that I could feel and sense everything around me. We are all psychic, it is just a question of whether you want to live a normal life (I highly suggest that choice!) or want to dedicate your life to being a 24 hour conduit for the dead and the living. It's not for everyone!

Q: Can we be friends on Social Media?
A: SURE! Just know that due to all my information about you coming from Source (aka The Universe and my guides), I don't want anything to influence my readings of you. You are welcome to LIKE my FaceBook page if you want. However, I do not look on people's pages, Google you, look up your phone number or know anything about you when you come, only your first name. I hope you understand.

Q: How soon can I come back for a reading?
A: That depends on you. I suggest you wait for some new things to happen in your life before you come back. But you will know, you will feel it. Your guides will usually make you think of me! I have many hundreds of regular clients and over the years the readings get stronger as our connection grows. So try to stick with the same Psychic.

Q: Do I need to prep before the reading?

A: Just be relaxed and open. Please do not come under the influence of alcohol or drugs as that will affect the outcome of your reading.

Q: May I tip you after the reading?

A:  It is not expected, but always appreciated.

Q: Should I go from Psychic to Psychic?

A: It is not recommended. Wherever you have a reading, try to wait 1-2 months before you see another. Sometimes the information received from one psychic is hard to accept, so people will go to another (much like a second opinion from a doctor) after a while they start getting the same answers from all of them. PSSSST! Probably time to accept it! 

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