AWAKEN Spray or Roll on 

Featuring the highest vibrational essential oils to not only clear any negative things going on in your life, but also immediately bring you into a higher vibrational state, therefore closer to being in sync with the Universe. This stuff is very powerful and you need only a drop on two on your wrists and chest. Made for men and women. Scent: Fresh, woodsy, citrus  and very uplifting .

WARNING: Its very addictive!

DRAM sized roll-on

Great for gym bag, purse, travel or car.

$10 DRAM Roll-On

Same great benefits as the spray. But in a convenient travel sized roll-on. Keep it in your purse, car, gym bag!

$15 10ml  Roll-On

Comes with keepsake SMOKEY CITRINE QUARTZ to protect and also attract success in your life.


$25 1oz Spray


$25 1oz Spray 

So many of my clients have been asking for something to help with insomnia, falling asleep, anxiety, and stress. So I went hard to work on combining just the right essential oils to help with that. Inside with fresh lavender and gemstones.

Spray on your pillow each night before bed to ensure a calm restful night. Spray on chest to alleviate tension and anxiety.

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